Holiday Recipes

savory kale tart

My favorite part about most holiday celebrations is the food: the planning of the meal, the urban foraging for those special ingredients, the cooking together with family I haven’t seen in ages, the sharing of the meal with people I love. Thanksgiving certainly takes top billing. Christmas is a close second. Each, with tables filled-to-the-brim featuring indulgent treats and family legacy holiday recipes. The smaller holidays are also fulfilling….especially the birthdays when it’s all about favorite foods. And sometimes a simple supper with friends or book club gathering or movie-screening night turns into an impromptu celebration and suddenly a regular evening is transformed into a kind of holiday. Whatever you celebrate, I hope your table is filled with delicious food and surrounded by people you love. Here are a list of my favorite holiday recipes that have appeared on this blog, in no particular order:

Sweet Potato Latkes

Roasted Broccoli Colcannon for St. Patty’s Day


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